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why was the mushroom invited to the party?

Black women in Philadelphia, be careful!




It turns out there’s a man out there stealing Black women’s purses and then killing the Black women (whether they give up their purse or not).

Spread the word. Be Safe.

Gonna keep reblogging this, who’s ever is doing this is ruthless. He’s already killed four people. Be safe out there.


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lenore tawney in her studio 1966

An old old tree // Jonathan!


Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x18 - Buffy 7x19-20 parallels

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Sunday studio life.

Cardigan friends.

"Fashion today is all about the product. With all the pre-collections and the shows that are just marketing exercises, it has turned into a system. For an old romantic like me, this is hurting a little bit. That’s why I try to do things my way. I like to have happy people around me, and it’s for these people that I create my collections. Fashion should never be too dark or too gloomy: it should evoke feelings of joy. I believe in clothes as tools for self-expression. The biggest compliment is if I see someone on the street wearing something I have created in a way I would never have imagined. Clothes should always tell something of the person that wears them – and very little of the designer who made them."

- Dries Van Noten (via katemess)

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Tone down your colour blocking with grey socks.  


The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.


- Juliette Lewis (via nutrientnatalie)

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